Our team

Grégoire Vincke - CEO

Grégoire VINCKE

Grégoire has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Sciences from the University of Liege, Belgium, and a complementary degree in Pedagogy from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. He is the scientific coordinator of the HistoWeb project that expand Cytomine into a new learning platform to teach histology. He has experience in application development, project management, communication, teaching and learning applications. His specialties are scientific popularization, science didactics, web development, teaching statistics and informatics, E-learning development.
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Christopher Hamilton - Business manager

Christopher Hamilton

Christopher received a PhD degree in biochemical Sciences in 2012 from the University of Liège, Belgium. He has published several papers during his research. Following his PhD, he worked until 2016 at Olympus Belgium as an Account Manager and Product specialist for microscopy in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. During this time he was trained to advice customers on technology implementation, to manage projects and to carry-out system installations and user-training.
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Renaud Hoyoux - Lead software developer

Renaud Hoyoux

Renaud has a Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences specialized in Computer Science from the University of Liege, Belgium. He has experience in backend development (Grails, SQL/NoSQL, Java, Hibernate), frontend development (HTML/CSS/Javascript), and software development methodologies and tools (Docker, Git, Jira,…).
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Raphaël Marée - Scientific advisor

Raphaël Marée

Raphaël received the PhD degree in computer science in 2005 from the University of Liège, Belgium. He is researcher at the University of Liège as scientific coordinator of the Cytomine project. His current research interests are in the broad area of machine learning techniques with specific focus on their applications to various big imaging data.
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